KTL has been operating in various incarnations since 2009 and was incorporated in 2015.

We've worked on systems that are used by the Fortune 20, and we've built systems that were used by less than 20. We've built enterprise-grade wi-fi networks in industrial warehouses, and we've helped increase the signal for Netflix in the far corner of the house. We've solved problems for breweries, and built websites for non-profits.

Good Technology should be invisible. It gets out of your way so that you can fulfil your mission without worrying about it. It's there when you need it, but not when you don't.

"Band-Aid Fixes" and "Good Enough for Now" are anything but. Systems should be built not just to last the month but to last years. When we fix something or design a system, we aim to have it still working in 5 years.

We build The right technology, at the right time. We don't choose the brands we sell based on how much commission or margin they can bring us. We step into your shoes and bring you the technology that meets your needs. Period.


Here are the

Services We Offer

Servers, Workstations, Printers, Cameras, Wi-fi, Digital Displays, etc. We install it, design it, maintain it, troubleshoot it, and upgrade it.
Are you looking to move your business to the cloud? How about building your own cloud? We will design a solution that provides the reliability and uptime that you require to serve your clients. If your business suffers a power outage, flood, or fire; the cloud will stay up and continue to serve your clients. We can even build systems that allow your employees to work-from-home in the case of a disaster.
Technology is a big world, and you're too busy running your business to have time to figure it all out. Let us lessen the strain and take care of it for you. You have questions? We have answers. We're like Google, but we smile and wear hats sometimes.
  • Security Assessments
  • Wireless Congestion Analysis
  • Malware and Ransomware Recovery
  • ...
We have a broad skillset and love new challenges! If your needs have to do with IT, come talk to us. If we can't provide a solution, we'll guide you to one.


Blue Crest Electric Ltd. has used Koala Tech for our office computer needs on several occasions. The technician was knowledgeable in troubleshooting, repair and new installation and always arrived to our appointments on time. He provided helpful advice when we upgraded one work station and made recommendations for future considerations specific to our business needs. Our service experiences have always been positive and we highly recommend the services of Koala Tech to other businesses.

BlueCrest Electric

Linda Poetker

Office Manager

Derek was very instrumental in helping us move forward with setting vlans, routing our network as well helping with some challenging Bonjour routing issues. I would highly recommend him for any IT infrastructure and design positions. He learns fast and understands many of the challenges that networking needs required today in large enterprise environments. He also was helpful in getting our new Firewall off the ground with an environment with over 1000 users.

Rick Havinga

Rick Havinga

IT Manager

I would like to recommend Derek to any organization. He is an Honest and integral individual with impeccable work ethic. He has a "Get the job done" attitude and is a strong team player.

Mike Joseph

Mike Joseph

VP Sales & Marketing

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